Discover how to achieve Net Zero and Exchange Carbon Credits with Quantum Fleet Technology


We’re Changing the Way the World Thinks About Emissions

We are all under pressure to improve the air quality.  But how can you improve your emissions without knowing exactly what you are generating now.  We make it possible to see how much CO2, Nitrogen, Methane, Sulfur, etc. you are putting in the air and track it over time.  Your CO2e footprint, tracked over time, enabling you to earn Carbon Credits. 

Track your emissions and exchange for Carbon Credits all with Q-Core from Quantum Fleet Technology.


Enabling Logistics Companies to earn Carbon Credits by enabling technology to drive down their harmful emissions. 

Leverage the $1B USD Voluntary Carbon Credit Marketplace for up to $12,000 per commercial truck in Carbon Credits using our Q-Core System.

Patented Mass Spectrometry

Q-Core is driven by our patent protected mass spectrometer which for the first time brings accuracy of 8 parts per billion within the cost and size that it can be used and installed on any mobile asset.  We install these devices directly on your trucks to read emissions throughout your trips giving you accurate emissions readings.


Our software includes the ability to see your data, in real time, through our mobile application.  Additionally we store your data for reporting to the required registries and in compliance with standards for Carbon Credits.

Outdated formulas 

make your emissions

data inaccurate.

As more companies are required to provide their CO2e footprint during logistics the current method sets a volume of CO2 per mile or per ton mile.  These estimates do not accurately represent the actual emissions of your mobile asset.  If you have newer, well maintained, trucks your emissions footprint will be much lower.

As taxes and standards evolve protect yourself by being able to represent your actual emissions footprint using Q-Core.


A different approach, compelling technology, strategic partners.

Driven by the vision of Quantum Age we use next generation technology which enables our solution to fulfill the reporting requirements for Carbon Credits. 

Q-Core by the Numbers


Traded on Voluntary Carbon Credit Markets in 2021 (Year to Date)


Annual Value of Carbon Credits Available Per Truck

$90 USD

Current value of 1 tCO2e (Carbon Credit)


Total cost of Q-Core system



Our partners provide value to our overall solution through technology partnership, financial support, and industry leadership.