Next generation technology for the logistics ecosystem.

We help our customers improve driver safety, save on diesel, and attain Net Zero diesel.

Trucking is our most essential service, with 90% of North America's land mass serviced only by trucking.


Our mission is to help logistics and trucking companies  reduce harmful emissions through the real time analysis of truck created data.  This analysis not only reduces the calculated emissions but allows companies to reduce their fuel consumption and improve driver safety. We do this through an ecosystem of technology created by industry leaders in trucking, academics, environmental sciences, and data governance.

Net Zero is punitive to the trucking industry.

We're changing that.

Most industries have been able to offset the cost of carbon taxes and carbon regulation by changing internal policies around energy sources, employee flexibility, and utilizing supplemental offsets like solar panels and green space. However, trucking companies do not have these options. 


Quantum Fleet Technology provides the only solution to reduce Carbon Footprint Calculations without changing the way companies do business. 

QFT’s solution is the only tool that enables companies to leverage new truck purchases, regular maintenance schedules, and driver performance into quantifiable carbon tax reduction.

Quantum Fleet Technology allows trucking companies to reduce their carbon calculations by 90% in 12 months.

View your critical data anytime, anywhere, with next generation security.

Our next generation technology provides an easy to use and easy to access portal. Plus, we use leading security features, such as end-to-end encryption and dual factor authentication.


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