The Climate Registry

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The Climate Registry and Quantum Fleet Technology are partnering to develop new tools and guidance for accurate emissions measurement and reporting for the logistics sector. Using QFT’s patented MMS Technology, companies can measure and report their real time emissions in The Climate Registry’s public reporting platform and demonstrate their progress toward net zero.

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The World Bank


All Quantum Fleet Technology Consultants and Account Managers go through gHg Accounting Practices Released by the World Bank.  By undertaking GHG accounting collaboratively with the World Bank, QFT is better positioned in emerging climate frameworks, where GHG accounting is an essential information. The World Bank initiated GHG accounting in the forestry, energy, agriculture, transport, water and urban sectors in July 2013.

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Women In Trucking


Women In Trucking Association, Inc. is an American non-profit organization which focuses on the employment of women in the trucking. Quantum Fleet Technology is proud to partner with WIT to help promote our clients moving to a Net Zero policy initiative.