TCR is creating a global, cross sectoral Net-Zero Portal to ratchet up climate ambition and action by serving as a public “one-stop shop” for information about net-zero and carbon neutral pledges, pathways, reports, research, and leaders in the field.  A select group of companies were selected to be on the Steering Committee including Quantum Fleet Technology.

The Net-Zero Portal will:

  • Provide essential contextual information on net-zero GHG pledges and pathways in a standardized format, so that organizations and jurisdictions across diverse sectors and locations can share and compare, build capacity, and learn about effective strategies.

  • Encourage organizations and jurisdictions with existing pledges to enhance or expand their pathways with more specific actions and goals.

  • Empower the public to better understand the myriad of net-zero and carbon neutrality pledges and pathways by offering detailed database search and sort criteria.


Net Zero Portal Stage 1 Steering Committee

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